My name is Stella Friedenberger. I am a Communication Designer and Developer exploring the possibilities of interactive semi-virtual environments. I am working on cross-media projects in the fields of Print, Extended Reality and Web.
Together with Benedikt Rottstegge I speculate about the shifting importance of interfaces between things and things themselves.

+49 151 158 687 97

Teaching Talks Identities
Interface of Things (Design) in conjunction with Interface of Things (Labor) together with Benedikt Rottstegge at the Faculty of Design, Media and Information of HAW Hamburg, 2021, Hamburg, Germany Lecture on my project Augmented Conspiracy in the course AR in Urban Space by Refrakt at University of the Arts, December 2019, Berlin, Germany Graphic Concept, Design and Web Development for the newly established MIP.labor of FU Berlin in collaboration with Jens Schnitzler, 2021

Apps Websites Exhibitions
GUI Library, Virtual Reality experience on the ideosyncracies of Interface conventions, together with Benedikt Rottstegge, 2019 Development for the East Europe Biennial Alliance together with Benedikt Rottstegge, Graphic Design by Wolfgang Schwärzler, 2020 Kunststiftung des Landes Sachsen-Anhalt, group exhibition for Giebichenstein Design Preis, October 2019, Halle, Germany
LerchenfeldAR, Augmented Reality App that projects additional virtual content onto the printed matter of Lerchenfeld 52, 2020 Website (Design and Frontend Development) for the MIP.labor of FU Berlin, together with Jens Schnitzler, 2021 Spectator Mode, exhibition and VR performance with Klasse Digitale Grafik for the annual exhibition of the HFBK, February 2020, Hamburg, Germany

Publications Awards
Jahrbuch 2019 Haltung und Position, Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design Halle Giebichenstein Design Preis 2019 Best Communication (Nominee)
Article by Slanted about Augmented Conspiracy
Article in form Design Magazine N°285 Design and Prosthetics, 2019
Review on the LerchenfeldAR App I designed and developed for Lerchenfeld 52 Magazine

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